We understand you were seeking financial aid funds due to a financial hardship, and would like to provide you with all of your options moving forward with your Summer Programs application.

  • If your child cannot attend CTY this summer without financial aid, please email your withdrawal request to CTY Enrollment Services at ctyenrollment@jhu.edu as soon as possible. Please note, if you paid the full tuition deposit to be registered, you must submit a request for withdraw within two weeks of receipt of this message. Refunds for any tuition deposits paid will be initiated once we receive your request. If your child is currently registered for a course and you withdraw at a later date, you will receive a partial refund.

  • If your child has been assigned to a course and would like to attend CTY without financial aid this summer, your tuition balance is due in full immediately, or according to your installment payment plan. If you have not signed up for an installment plan, you may do so by logging in to MyCTY and selecting “Make a Payment.”
  • If your child is not yet assigned to a course and would like to be considered for course placement, you will first need to pay the full tuition deposit via MyCTY. Upon receipt of your child’s course assignment, all balances are due.

 Although we are unable to offer your child financial aid to attend CTY this summer, we encourage you to consider applying for our programs next year.