You can view the updates and make changes to your student’s application via MyCTY under Summer Programs> Program Application Course Changes. If your child has been assigned to a course and you want to switch coursesplease reference our Open Course List to see which courses are still available. Then follow these steps to waitlist: 



  1. 1. Log in to MyCTY as a Parent

  1. 2. Select <On-Campus Programs> from the left navigation bar



  1. 3. Scroll down and select <Make Program Application Course Changes> under <Additional Resources>

  2. 4. Select <Add/Edit Course Choice> under <Course Requests>



  1. 5. If adding to current choices, enter choice number(s) under <Choice #>

  1. 6. Check the waitlist box(es) next to your new course choice(s)

  1. 7. Enter waitlist number(s) under <Waitlist #>



  1. 8. Click <Save and Exit> 


Note: The current registered course cannot be deleted. If you are assigned to a new course, registration will automatically be canceled for your current course. The waitlist process is not on a first-come, first-serve basis and works the same as the regular course assignment process. Learn more about the waitlist process.