Can I work only one session at a site that runs both sessions? 

To preserve consistency, we prefer to hire employees to work both sessions whenever possible. We strongly prefer that administrative staff applying to work at a two-session site be available to work both sessions.   

Do I have to submit a new application if I previously worked at a CTY summer site? 

All applicants must submit a new application every year. Your application should include an updated resume.  


What should I expect after applying for an on-campus summer position? 

CTY begins reviewing applications in December and throughout the start of the program for any positions that remain or become open. Within two weeks of applying, you should hear about the status of your application and whether you have been selected for an interview. Interviews take place on Zoom or Microsoft Teams and take 30-90 minutesdepending on position. Following the interview, we generally let candidates know within two weeks if they have been selected. 


What is the onboarding and training process for CTY Summer Programs staff once they have been hired? 

Candidates who are offered and accept a job complete the required reference check and background check. Once these clear, staff are provided a JHU email address and login information to applicable JHU systems. They can then set up payroll and tax information and begin training. Depending on the site, there may be additional required steps, like fingerprinting and state-specific clearances, to complete. Staff also complete an I-9 form before beginning work.  


Prior to the start of the summer, you'll be assigned training courses through JHU's MyLearning portal to complete. Senior administrators will also have intensive training the first Saturday and Sunday in June. and will receive an extensive training manual. All othe positions will  receive a handbook, access to curricular resources, and/or other digital materials.  Pay for training is included in the first paycheck. 


Are staff paid for training completed before they arrive onsite? 

All staff receive an additional $100 to complete the required training before they arrive onsite. Senior administrative staff must attend a virtual training on the first Saturday and Sunday of June and are paid an additional $400 for attendance. Training pay is included in the first paycheck.   


Are travel expenses to and from residential or day/commuter sites for summer staff covered by CTY? 

CTY offers domestic travel  for stafftravelling more than 300 miles to their assigned residential site. This is done via JHU’s travel agency and staff cannot be reimbursed for travel purchased outside of this system. Whenever possible, CTY will place staff in appropriate positions requiring less than 300 miles of travel. Please note CTY covers the cost of the flight but not extras like seat selection and baggage fees Staff are highly encouraged to select sites close to their summer residence on their application. After they are hired, staff that qualify for assistance will be contacted to arrange travel.  


Is room and board provided for staff at day/commuter sites? 

No, staff are responsible for their own housing and transportation during the program. If you need housing, please consider applying for a position at one of our residential sites.   


Are staff required to live on campus at residential sites during the summer program? 

At residential sites, all resident assistants, senior resident assistants, and most administrative staff members are required to live on campus during the program. Instructional staff members who live locally may commute.  


What are the living arrangements for staff at residential sites? 

At residential sites, room and board—including breakfast, lunch, and dinner—are provided. At day sites, lunch is provided for staff, but room and board are not, as students and staff do not stay onsite.   


Each staff member will have their own dorm-style room. Bathrooms and living-room areas may be shared with other staff members. Our Residential Assistants have their own dorm room, located within the same dorms as the students they supervise. Common spaces will be available for staff to work and socialize.  


Can you accommodate staff members’ dietary needs and preferences during the program? 

Our full-time staff work closely with dining facilities to ensure that there are a wide variety of options available for students and staff. If you have a particular dietary need, please let us know so that we can discuss possible options.  


Are campus facilities and services available for staff use during the session? 

This varies by site, and if hired, more information will be included in the site packet you receive before summer. Generally, staff at residential sites may have access to the library, fitness center, outside recreational spaces, computer labs, student center, or other spaces.  


What is the dress code for staff at CTY sites? 

The dress code is generally casual and should be appropriate to the position and role. Staff are asked to look professional on opening and closing days when they meet with families.  


What are the weekend responsibilities for staff at residential sites? 

  • At our residential sites, instructors and teaching assistants are off between Friday afternoon and Sunday evening, except for opening and closing weekends. Residential assistants are busy on weekends, as they supervise students during all campus and hall activities. Our health and main offices are also open during the weekend. Administrators other than academic deans work throughout the weekend.   

  • At our day sites, all staff are off on the weekends, except for student orientation and any closing weekend responsibilities.