For prospective and hired summer CTY site staff: 


  • At the time of the program, CTY will implement a COVID-19 safety plan in accordance with public health guidance and aligned with the policies of Johns Hopkins University and our host institutions. Provisions could include mandatory asymptomatic testing. If JHU’s and a host’s policies are different, the stricter will apply.  
  • Staff working at our Speyer School site in New York City are required to have at least one dose of the COVID vaccine. 
  • During the session, host institutions may require COVID-positive staff to depart campus as soon as possible, generally not later than 24 hours after a positive test, and isolate off campus. 
  • Some host institutions may instead allow COVID-positive CTY staff to “isolate in place” in their assigned rooms. Staff would continue to share bathrooms with colleagues, but would refrain from using any other common areas and have all meals in their rooms. Isolation on campus but in separate quarters is unlikely to be an option.
  • CTY will pay the costs of off-campus housing and meals for COVID-positive staff who live more than 300 miles from their assigned site and who are unable to isolate on campus or travel home.  
  • Pay will not be reduced for staff who must isolate for COVID, provided they return to work when the isolation period ends. While isolating, staff are expected to complete their duties virtually, if possible, based on their symptoms, specific roles, and available technology. Staff whose isolation period ends before the end of the session but who do not return to work will receive a prorated salary covering time worked plus the days in isolation. Staff who cannot return because the session ends before the isolation period ends will be paid through the end of the session.