Medical exceptions to vaccine requirements are permitted at all locations. Families must submit documentation from an appropriate healthcare provider at the time they complete their CampDoc health profile. The healthcare provider cannot be an immediate family member.

Religious exceptions to vaccine requirements are permitted at all locations except for those in New York. Families claiming a religious exception to one or more vaccine requirements must submit an attestation with their CampDoc health profile.

As long as the exception falls within our guidelines and appropriate documentation is provided, it is permitted. CTY staff will contact you only if there is a problem with the documentation (e.g., missing signature, religious exception submitted at location where they are not permitted).

Students at Speyer School: At this site only, COVID-19 is one of the required vaccinations. The requirement is one dose of a CDC- or WHO-approved vaccine received no less than five days before the program start date. Previous infection with COVID-19 is not a permissible criterion for a medical exception. Religious exceptions are not permitted at this site for COVID-19 or any other vaccination.

Note: Students who, for any reason, have not received on or more vaccines may be subject to special provisions based on standards and guidance available at the time of the program.