No matter what school looks like for your family this year, CTY has the knowledge and experience to keep your child excited about learning. Our online courses challenge bright students and help them build their skills and explore their interests under the guidance of our expert instructors. Whether your child is seeking school credit or enrichment, CTY offers a wide variety of online courses designed to meet your needs.

Students establish eligibility for CTY online courses through testing. Your testing options will depend on your child’s grade level. Select courses do not require minimum test scores. 


Students in grades 2-8:

1. Complete the Talent Search application.

2. Register to take an above-grade-level test. View your test options

3. Take the test at home or at a local test center.

4. Review your test results and start learning with CTY.


Students in grades 9-12:

High school students who are new to CTY and are interested in our online programs have several options for determining eligibility. They can submit existing scores from the SAT®, ACT, or PSAT®, or take the School and College Abilities Test (SCAT) through Prometric or online, or the Spatial Test Battery (STB) at a Prometric Test Center at locations around the world.


Once you’ve established eligibility for CTY courses, you can browse our online course options


Here are some points to consider when choosing a CTY Online Programs course:

  • If you are seeking school credit or placement for your course, discuss placement and credit options with your school officials. Determine if you need to take a course approved by NCAA or another accrediting body, and obtain approval from your school prior to enrolling.
  • CTY Online Programs courses are offered in different formats: individually paced, session-based, and LIVE. Learn more. Whether you are seeking flexibility or structure, synchronous or asynchronous learning, and/or courses where you will work independently or collaborate and problem-solve with other bright students, CTY has you covered.
  • CTY offers a wide range of course offerings year-round. See our academic calendar for more details. Courses are offered in a variety of subjects, including computer science, history and social sciences, language arts, mathematics, and science and engineering. Many courses are interdisciplinary and select courses include important topics, such as social justice.
  • View course descriptions to determine if students must achieve a qualifying score on the verbal or math portion of the appropriate above-grade-level test, and whether the score must meet CTY-level or Advanced CTY-level requirements. 
  • Some courses have prerequisites listed in the course description that must be satisfied before a qualified student can enroll in a course. Review course descriptions for eligibility and prerequisite information prior to enrolling; see course descriptions to determine if a placement test is available for the course. A placement test may also be available to help choose appropriate placement into our course offerings. Fill out  the request form to receive an email with instructions for accessing the placement testing service.

Still have questions about choosing the right course? Contact us at or 410-735-6277.