The time a student should spend on their online course depends on their grade level and the course format, session, and subject area. See individual course descriptions on our website for the expected student time commitment per week.


LIVE Courses 

LIVE classes held during the school year meet synchronously once per week for nine weeks. The first and final class meetings are 90 minutes; all other meetings last one hour. Students taking these sessions spend an additional three to four hours per week on coursework outside of class.  


LIVE summer sessions meet for one hour every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for 3 weeks, and spend about 12 additional hours per week on asynchronous coursework. 


Session-Based Courses 

Time commitment varies for session-based courses. See course descriptions for specific time requirements.  


Individually Paced Courses 

Students taking an individually paced course may need to adjust the amount of time they spend on the course per week, depending on their desired timeline for completion. Students can email with their instructor for help creating a schedule to guide them through their course.