Students will only have access to the online course materials while their course is active, with the exception of session-based AP® courses. Students will be able to access their session-based AP courses for review until the next AP test dates.


Once a course has been completed or an enrollment period has expired, students will no longer have access.

Your Johns Hopkins K12 email and any files associated with your K12 account will be deactivated and no longer be accessible 30 days after you were last enrolled in a CTY course. Once your K12 account is deactivated, the contents in your K12 mailbox will become unrecoverable. Therefore, before your K12 account deactivates, we recommend that you save any important emails and files.


CTY will not retain student content beyond one year after a course has been completed or one year after the enrollment end date of a course that has not been completed. Students who wish to save copies of their work and of their instructor’s feedback should download and save the materials to their own computer during the course.