CTY Online Programs courses are offered in individually paced, session-based, CTY LIVE, and problem-based formats.


Individually paced courses

Students may enroll at any time during the year and progress at their own pace within their enrollment period, guided by instructors who strive to meet individual needs. Enrollment and tuition are time based, and students may enroll in a course for three, six, or nine months. Students who complete a course with five or more days remaining in their enrollment period may apply the remaining time toward the next most appropriate individually paced course after receiving their grade for the previous course. Students can work on this new course until their enrollment period ends, or, if they want more time to work on the new course, they can pay additional tuition and fees to re-enroll for one or more months online through MyCTY.


Students who are unable to work on an individually paced course because of a vacation, illness, camp, or other reason can pause their enrollment for breaks of seven days or longer. Students who do not complete their course before their end date can pay to re-enroll for an additional time period to complete it. Most math courses, computer science and technology, science, and writing courses are individually paced. 


Session-based courses

These courses have specific start and end dates; students receive a schedule and must meet deadlines for assignments. Tests, if any, are taken according to the course schedule. Most writing, AP, critical reading, grammar, engineering, forensics, NCAA-approved math, NCAA-approved science, and world language courses are session-based. 


CTY LIVE courses 

CTY Live Interactive Virtual Explorations (LIVE) courses offer bright students advanced learning options in dynamic, web-based classrooms with peers who share their interests. The program’s instructor-developed courses are limited to 10 students per section and offer a blend of live online instruction and independent learning that includes discussions, class projects, and interactive activities designed to foster community in an online environment. 


Problem-Based courses

Students collaborate on projects in small teams to solve real-world problems with guidance from their instructor.


Students meet weekly to learn and have fun in real time with a diverse group of fellow students who share their interests.