While CTY is an accredited institution, CTY does not award degrees or diplomas. Credit or placement for a course can only be awarded by the student's school. Students requesting placement or credit from their school should always discuss their options with school officials before enrolling in their CTY course, as schools have varying policies. In some cases, schools may require additional documentation about CTY and the course content, or the student may be asked to take the school’s final exam. CTY does issue course completion documents to each student who successfully completes a course. 


Follow these steps when seeking placement and credit for any CTY course:

  • Review the CTY course catalog and select a course.
  • Before enrolling in the course, discuss placement and credit options with your school officials. Determine if you need to take a course approved by NCAA or another course approver (such as UC A-G). 
  • Obtain school approval for your course selection.
  • Enroll in the course.