Students establish eligibility for CTY on-campus and online programs through testing. CTY is committed to a rigorous approach to assessment so we can provide academically advanced students with the appropriate level of challenge.  

Courses are open to students who achieve qualifying scores on a CTY-approved test. You can check online course descriptions for eligibility requirements for specific courses. Students who qualify in the "quantitative" area of the appropriate test are eligible to take courses in math, computer science and technology, engineering, or the sciences, while students who qualify in the "verbal" portion can take courses in writing, grammar, critical reading, visual literacy, humanities, or social science.  

Note that for certain subjects that tap a range of abilities, such as chess, social science, forensics, web design, and JavaScript, students who achieve qualifying scores in any of these areas become eligible to enroll. 


After testing through CTY, students’ qualification levels are listed in MyCTY. 


Select courses do not require minimum test scores.