For a record of your child's CTY courses, you may view and order an official academic record through MyCTY. This shows the CTY courses your child has taken, with grades if applicable, and lists other CTY participation. To order an official academic record, log in to MyCTY as a parent, select “Academic Record” from the left navigation menu, and then select "Send Official Academic Record via Email." The record will be emailed immediately, unless there are any financial holds or outstanding obligations on the student record. You may order as many records as you need.

Please note that official academic records cannot be customized. CTY follows the standard of displaying all courses attended for online and on-campus programs, along with Talent Search recognition and awards. Records are sent electronically as a PDF attachment. No printed records are available; CTY can only provide via email. We do not have the ability to upload this document to an outside website or portal; however, you can request to have the PDF document emailed directly to schools or families. Families and students can then upload the PDF document after receiving our email.