CTY's residential programs have Resident Assistants (RAs) on hand to supervise students and be available during the entire length of the program to answer any questions or concerns that students have outside of class. Each RA lives with and supervises 12-15 students in a residence hall group. RAs also plan students’ weekday and weekend activities. 


RAs may assist in providing some structure and direction with routine daily tasks; however, students are expected to take responsibility for themselves and their belongings. Students are expected to wake themselves, maintain personal hygiene with minimal reminders, and keep track of their belongings. 

Because student registrations may continue to change up until the last minute, we do not do any housing assignments until a couple of days before students arrive. You will receive your child’s RA name on arrival day, and also have the opportunity to meet them that day.


If your child is coming to the site unaccompanied, we are happy to send you any check-in information we share with families, including the RA’s name.


Day programs have Program Assistants (PAs) on hand to supervise students during breaks and activities outside of class. PAs also supervise students during recess. Instructors supervise students during lunch.