Residential life is an important part of the summer residential program, and we urge all students to live on campus. The residence halls are a place where students have the opportunity to form close bonds and build a community with their peers. They learn to take responsibility for their daily schedules, to manage their time, and to get along with people from different backgrounds. Most importantly, it is our mission to develop a community of learners at each of our sites. While commuter students have successfully attended the residential sites, they tend to feel more as if they are observers of the community rather than full participants. In fact, it has been our experience that students who begin as commuters often change their minds after the first few days and ask to switch to residential status. 


At the same time, we recognize that in certain circumstances, commuter attendance is an appropriate option. In order to attend as commuters, students must participate in the full range of activities at the site, including the evening class session that usually ends at 9 p.m. (schedules vary slightly from site to site). If students can make this commitment, they may attend as commuters. Lunch and dinner are provided as part of the commuter tuition. 


Note: Sometimes students apply as commuters because they are anxious about living away from home for the first time. If this is a concern, we recommend that you talk to your child about starting the program as a residential student, then changing to commuter status if needed. Switching from residential to commuter status can always be accommodated (the reverse is not always possible).