Please note that we have concluded our financial aid application review process for 2023 On-Campus Summer Programs. We encourage those who may need assistance in the future to apply for aid as early as possible. 

The following documentation is required to complete a CTY Financial Aid application for CTY Summer or Online Programs: 


Please black out or delete Social Security Numbers prior to submission. 

    2021 Federal Tax Returns 

Schedules 1, 3, A, C, D, E, and/or F (if applicable) 

Form 4562 (if applicable) 

    2021 All W-2/1099 Forms 

    2021 Form 482 (Puerto Rican Residents) 

    2021 Documentation of Nontaxable Income* 

    Explanation of any significant income changes (if applicable) 


*Examples of nontaxable income include Social Security income, child support, etc.