Yes. CTY provides financial assistance for CTY Talent Search and programs for students who qualify for the Federal Free or Reduced-Price lunch program. Eligible students pay a reduced Talent Search fee of $10 and receive a waiver to cover the cost of testing. We award more than $5 million in financial aid annually.


Parents of students in grades 2-8 should select the financial aid option when filling out the online Talent Search application


Once your child has established eligibility for CTY and selected a course, you can apply for financial aid by following these steps:

1. Fill out the CTY program application: 

Online Program application | Summer Program application  


On page 1 of the application, check the box “I will be applying for financial aid.”

2. Provide salary and household details where noted on the program application. Upload a copy of your federal tax return and W-2/1099 form with your application where noted, or via MyCTY


3. Pay the reduced tuition deposit of $15 (online) or $50 (summer) with your application. This will be refunded if your child is not enrolled in the course. 


4. We will contact you about your financial aid status in about two weeks.