A student’s IEP/504 or other school learning plan does not automatically transfer to the CTY setting; however, CTY has a process in place to work with you so your child has appropriate support for their test or CTY course. In our online and summer courses, the structure and format may require different accommodations. Thus, CTY Disability Services reviews each child’s needs on a case-by-case basis to determine what accommodation(s) a child may need in a particular program or course. 


To request accommodations for the SAT® or PSAT™ 8/9, contact College Board® 


If your child requires accommodations, you can start the process by following these steps: 


1.) Create an account with CTY. 


2.) Submit an online Request for Accommodations form, found in your MyCTY account in the left-hand menu by clicking the “Accommodations for CTY Programs and SCAT/STB Testing” link. To request accommodations for the SAT or PSAT™ 8/9, you should contact College Board. These accommodations are handled separately from CTY. 


3.) Complete the request form and attach supporting documentationIn most cases, CTY requires documentation from a treating professional to support any request for accommodation. CTY follows Johns Hopkins University's guidance with documentation guidelines; however, due to the age of students and duration of our programs, we do not strictly adhere to these guidelines. 


In general, documentation needs to include the credentials of the individual preparing the documentation, a summary of the student's strengths/weaknesses as they pertain to the accommodations requested, and recommendations that pertain to the accommodations requested. This can typically be found in a student’s IEP, 504, or other school learning plan, or a recent psychoeducational or neuropsychological evaluation. For students with medical issues, a summary of a diagnosis as well as the specific limitations that may affect a student’s performance in their CTY programs is typically sufficient. Accommodations requested do have to be reflected in documentation provided.  


4.) You will hear back from CTY Disability Services within 10 business days with directions for accessing your child’s accommodation approval letter. You will need to approve the letter, and then it will be shared with pertinent staff for implementation. 


Accommodations approved for one test, course, or program do not automatically follow a student. Thus, you must check in with CTY Disability Services before your child retakes a test or participates in a new program or course.  


Contact CTY Disability Services at cty-disabilities@jhu.edu with questions.