Thank you for your interest in CTY. If you have not yet joined CTY, you can do so now. Once your application is processed, you can register for testing to gain eligibility for CTY programs.

Many testing options are not available at this time or limited due to COVID-19. We know this has been a challenge for families hoping to gain eligibility for CTY courses, so we have developed a solution that will allow students to take the School and College Ability Test (SCAT) from home. We are offering this option to families for $30. To take advantage of this opportunity, please follow these steps:


Go to MyCTY and select “Parent” as the account type. You will need your child’s student ID to log in.

Select “Talent Search” in the left navigation bar.

Select “Register to Test.”


Then select “I would like to take the Online SCAT.”

This test will be remotely proctored. To take the test from home, your child will need a desktop or laptop computer that has a webcam and meets other technical requirements. Students cannot take this test on a Chromebook, cell phone, or tablet.


About two weeks after your child tests, you will receive an email notification that their scores are available in MyCTY.