We do require CTY’s Physician Authorization page to be signed by your child’s physician/medical provider. A signature on this form confirms your child’s medical history and their health to attend our programs. It also gives authorization for our onsite health staff to provide standard nonprescription medications as noted and permitted by you in your child’s health profile. Without a signature on our Physician Authorization page, our health staff cannot dispense any nonprescription medications such as cough drops or Tylenol should your child seek relief for any minor illness during the program. 


If you have extremely extenuating circumstances that do not allow you to have our Physician Authorization signed, you may write to ctysitehealth@jhu.edu to request an exemption. However, an exemption is not guaranteed, and regardless of outcome, our health staff cannot give any nonprescription medications from the CTY health office on site without a signature on the Physician Authorization page.