The instructions below apply to time-based individually paced courses starting before July 1, 2022. Students may not re-enroll for additional time if registered for a course-based individually paced course starting on or after July 1, 2022. 


You can purchase additional enrollment time for a current individually paced course through MyCTY. To do so, log in as a parent. On the left side, select “CTY Online Programs.” 

  • If your enrollment has not yet expired, select the course you wish to extend from the “Currently Enrolled Courses” section and select “Add more time to this course.” 

  • If your enrollment end date has passed, go to the “Resources for Enrolled Students” section and select “Return to an unfinished (expired) course.” 

For more details, visit the Re-enrollment page of our website. 


Note: Session-based courses cannot be extended.