Students can start theirIndividually Paced (IP) course as soon as two weeks after enrollment (allow two weeks for processing IP course applications) and progress at their own pace during the enrollment time.  
Enrollment and tuition for IP courses starting before July 1, 2022, are time-based. Students may enroll in a course for three or six months depending on the recommended course length. The amount of content covered is the same regardless of enrollment length.  
Enrollment and tuition for IP courses starting on or after July 1, 2022 are course-based with a set course duration. Students may progress through the course at their own pace but must plan to complete the course by the course end date. Students will have up to 4.5 months to complete an individually paced course that typically takes 3 months to complete, and up to 9 months to complete an individually paced course that typically takes 6 months to complete. 


Selecting an enrollment length in a time-based IP course 


The amount of content covered in the course is the same whether you choose a three-, or six-month course; however, the weekly time commitment and the tuition rates vary depending on the amount of time you select since tuition is time-based.  


To complete a CTY Online Programs individually paced course within the recommended course length, students typically need to consistently work on the course for the time commitment posted in the course description. If you wish to complete the course within a shorter or longer timeframe, students may adjust the time spent on the course each week accordingly. Please note that the actual time it will take to complete an individually paced course will vary depending on the student’s availability and preferred pacing. We recommend letting your child’s instructor know their course completion goals at the start of the course.   


Pausing a course for vacation, illness, etc. 


Students unable to complete IP coursework because of vacation, illness, camp, or another reason can pause a time-based course enrollment for breaks of seven days or longer. Students who do not complete their time-based course before its end date can pay to re-enroll for more time to complete it.  
Students may take breaks in a course-based course anytime as long as they complete the course by the course end date. Taking a break in a course-based IP course will not extend the end date. Students should stay in good communication with their instructor throughout the course, and let the instructor know in advance of any scheduled breaks. 


Completing a course early 


Students who complete a time-based course with five or more days remaining in their enrollment period may apply the remaining time toward the next most appropriate individually paced course after receiving their grade for the previous course. Students can work on this new course until their enrollment period ends, or, if they want more time to work on the new course, they can pay additional tuition and fees to re-enroll for one or more months online through MyCTY.  


Students may complete a course-based IP course anytime before the end date. Students who wish to take another IP course will need to pay tuition and fees to enroll in another course-based course. 


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