Approved accommodations do not automatically follow a student from one test, course, or program to the next. However, it is easy to renew any previously approved accommodations and/or request additional accommodations. There are two primary options for this. 


1.) Submit a Request for Renewal of Previous Accommodations and/or Request for New Accommodations via CTY’s Accommodate system. You can access your Accommodate account by logging into MyCTY, clicking the “Accommodations for CTY Programs and SCAT/STB Testing” link, then clicking “Review/Request Accommodations via CTY’s Accommodate.” You will be prompted to enter your MyCTY credentials again. Once in the Accommodate system, you can click the links to renew previous accommodations or request new accommodations under the “Accommodations” tab. You can see screen shots and more detailed examples by viewing the directions to renew previous accommodations or request new accommodations. 


2.) You can contact CTY Disability Services or 410-735-6215 and request that accommodations be renewed. CTY Disability Services will renew the request or submit a request for new accommodations on your behalf. 


With any request for new or different accommodations than previously approved, additional documentation may be requested. 


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to CTY Disability Services at