Instructional and residential staff are extremely busy during their time at CTY between supervising students and preparing for class and activities. Because of this, parents communicate directly with the administrative staff on site about any concerns or questions. On opening and closing days, parents may meet with students’ instructors, instructional assistants, and resident assistants. 


If, before the program has begun, there are extenuating circumstances for which you feel more direct communication with the student’s instructor, instructional assistant, and/or RA is needed, this should be discussed with the site program manager, whose contact information is included in the student site information packet, available via MyCTY after their student has been assigned to a CTY summer course. 


If this is related to a learning, medical, physical, or other disability, please contact CTY Disability Services at or 410-735-6215. If direct communication is needed during the program, contact site administrators with your request.